End of Summer contest results

Hope everyone had a great time last night. The 3rd Annual End of Summer was a lot of fun for us as always. Thanks to Free2Ride and Surf Shack South for helping out at the event and supporting us as always, as well as our other sponsors who could not make it; Liquid Lightning, Jetty, and Moondoggie Magazine. Here are the results of last nights comp:

Men's FB
1. Chris Murphy
2. Ramo Kline
3. Jim Osenenko

4. Jeff Sprague

Men's BB
1. Mike Cacace
2. Luigi DeLily
3. Calvin Cardillo
4. Ion Sirotkin

JR Men's FB
1. Chris Murphy 
2. Dylan Houseworth
3. Andrew Hopka

JR Men's BB
1. Mike Cacace
2. Sean Bowker
3. James Boucher
4. Chris Murphy

Women's FB
1. Jada Castrataro
2. Jacqui Farreny
3. Jackie Goldman
4. Brenna Stone

Expert FB
1. JP OBrien
2. Manny Rayo
3. Jim Osenenko

Expert BB
1. Hasim Paputchi
2. Calvin Cardillo
3. Mike Cacace
4. Luigi Vargas

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone else that competed!