CARBON USA FLOW Tour at Flow House Thundering Surf

Hey everyone,  

With the tour underway we wanted to give some important information out to everyone planning on coming to Flow House Thundering Surf for the Flow Tour.  First and most important, any rider under the age of 18 may print out the waiver online and have their parent fill it out at home since most parents do not travel for this.  You must also have a copy of their driver's license attached to the waiver. Please email Dan at for a copy of the waiver.   Anyone over the age of 18 can print out the adult waiver or fill it out here the day you arrive.  Anyone competing in the tour will receive discounted ride rates for Friday evening and Saturday.  There will be 2 practice sessions before the competition.  The first will be Saturday, July 14 from 10pm to midnight.  The second will be Sunday, July 15 from 8am to 10am.  Sunday morning's session will be divided into two separate 1 hour sessions to split up the number of riders.  

If anyone has any questions email us at or call us at (609)492-4200

Good luck everyone at all the other tour stops and see you in a couple weeks!