2017 US Flow Series Pro Am at Flow House Thundering Surf

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We will be hosting the final event of the 2017 US Flow Series on Saturday, September 9th.  Registration for the event is open Thursday, September 7 at 9am until Saturday at 10am, and is open to everyone.  There are brackets for all skill levels and ages!  Practice times for registered riders are:

Friday, September 8th: 5pm-9pm

Saturday, September 9th: 9am-11am

The contest will run from 11am - 5pm (depending on rider turnout). Spectating is open to the public as always for no charge.  A 3 hour open session will open to the public after the conclusion of the event.  

Event rates are offered to all registered riders for private wave rentals on September 7 and September 8.  Call (609)492-0869 for available times.  Rate is $250 for an hour session with a maximum of 10 riders.  (Additional riders will be $15/rider as staffing requirements will change)