Here are the available hours for Flow Series wave rentals and practices:


Wave rentals: Discounted from the regular $450/hour to $200/hour(Must book by 3pm the day prior to rental, $50 deposit)


Monday, September 15: 3pm - 7pm

Tuesday, September 16: 3pm - 7pm

Wednesday, September 17: 3pm - 7pm

Thursday, September 18: 3pm - 10pm

Friday, September 19: 3pm - 7pm & 10pm - midnight


Free Practice for registered and prepaid riders

Friday, September 19: 12pm - 2pm & 7pm - 10pm

Saturday, September 20: 7am - 10am


The private wave rentals can be other hours on any of those days to accommodate riders but we need advanced notice to schedule our staff.


Hotel Accommodations: 

Check out the Buccaneer Motel at www.buccaneermotel.com or call (609)492-4582 to book a room ($96/night Standard Room). Support those that support your sport.  Below is a list of all surrounding hotels as well